Circle of the Rose



May Day​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​May Day corresponds to the 9:00 am point on the cycle of a day. Think of how you feel at 9:00am. The better part of a day lies ahead. You have the time and energy to accomplish many things, so many choices, so much potential! It‘s the time when we choose what we will focus on between now and the end of the day.

We are faced with similar thoughts at May Day, only we are considering months, instead of hours. How will you direct your creative potential between now and the end of the year? Of your many choices, which will you fertilize? Take some time at the beginning of May to give thought to what you wish to bring to fruition by the Autumn Equinox harvest in September.  

© Marie Elena Gaspari - The Circle of the Rose Wisdom School 2008


May 1st is the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. Like all of the eight days on the Wheel of the Year, May Day marks a major transition point in the light cycle. By the first of May the equal night, equal day balance of light that was present at Spring Equinox has shifted. Now light is dominant, daylight exceeds the darkness, and we are enjoying more hours of sunlight!

May Day is the time of year to celebrate the rising fires of the life force, the joyous and passionate energy that is necessary to spark into being the creative potential of new life and new growth. We now have the opportunity to consciously focus the vibrant potency of our life force into whatever aspect of life we desire to bring into fruition.

All around us plants, bushes, flowers, and trees are bursting into bud. But not every bud will make the next step of fertilization. Only some will be chosen for fertilization and  to bear fruit. 


May Day
“We joyfully celebrate the budding of new green life all around us.
 We delight in our fertile creativity.”

Marie Elena