Circle of the Rose




Winter Solstice marks the beginning of winter. The sun moves into the sign of Capricorn, cardinal earth, the ruler of foundation and material action.

The plants have withered and died. All the potency of their life force is now concentrated in seeds, which germinate in darkness, within the still, quiet womb of the earth.





Winter Solstice is the culmination of the waning, decreasing light cycle. It is the longest night of the year, the time of the greatest outer darkness. The Solstice is also a turning point. At the moment darkness culminates, light is born. So, too is the flame of spiritual consciousness reborn in humans.

We gather together at the Winter Solstice to support each other in the darkest hour and to celebrate the return of the light and the rebirth of our spirit. At the Solstice, we receive a sacred vision that will guide our path and purpose for the coming year.

© Marie Elena Gaspari

The Circle of the Rose

Wisdom School 2008



“The womb of the earth
is singing
She is not dying
We are being reborn”

Marie Elena 1997