Circle of the Rose

Spiritual Mentoring Program

"In the Age of Virgo
Woman arose unto herself
Beloved of all, beholden to none
An instrument of peace, plenty, and beauty
Temple Priestess

Past, present, and, future"

Marie Elena 2006

        A Comprehensive Mind, Body & Spirit Training.

     Traditionally, Temple Priest(esses )were those who chose to serve their communities and the planet as instruments of peace, plenty, and beauty. They were gifted healers, scholars, teachers, intuitives, artists, administrators, etc. The Temple was the center of community life. The priest(esses) over saw the spiritual needs of the people, as well as the material, medical, and educational needs.
     The sacred service of Temple Priest(esses) reached its height in the age of Virgo, approximately eight thousand years ago. It was said that the Temple Priest(esses) and their temples would rise again during a time of great unrest and imbalance, in order to serve their beloved planet and its people.

     I believe that the time of need is now and have established the Circle of the Rose Spiritual Mentoring Program for all those who wish to restore balance in our world.
                          Welcome home, Sisters & Brothers!

Marie Elena Gaspari
High Priestess & Builder of the Temple of Beauty
High Priestess of the Circle of the Rose
Wisdom Holder of the Lotus Circle

Altar Mother of the Sisters of the Moon

​Spiritual Mentoring Program

Life Path Reading
A Life Path reading is an in-depth analysis of the
Natal Astrology Chart, Mayan Galactic Signature, and Tarot Archetypes. 

It reveals the specific life and soul purpose for this lifetime.
The Song of the Self
Essence Name
Spiritual Lineage
Personal Archetypes
Etheric Spirit Guides & Teachers
Nature &Animal Totems
Earned Wisdom

The Circle of the Rose Wisdom School Compendium Vol. I

Conscious Co-creation
The Basics of Energy Work
The Integration of Spirituality and Daily Life
 Ritual Arts
The Wheel of the Year

The Intuitive Arts
Empowering Intuition
Connecting with Spirit Guides
Working with Nature Spirits
Dream Yoga

The Art of Divination
Tarot & 

Personal Evolution & Spiritual Consciousness
Challenges on the Path
Personal Responsibility
The Creative Arts
Dance: Dance of the Self, Sacred Dance
Crafting Power Tools:

Drum, Rattle, Shield, Spirit Doll, Medicine Bag, Altar Cloth

Reading List
A personalized reading list will be provided.