Labyrinth at Narrows Preserve

 Lake Leelanau, Michigan

This property was cleared, and ceremonially blessed, by Marie Elena, in 2015

Land Stewardship Ceremony

             The Land Stewardship Ceremony creates a stewardship agreement between home and property owners and the “Spirits of Place”.

               The Spirits of Place, or Nature Spirits,
are etheric beings, beings of light consciousness, who are guardians, and who are the vital life force, of all the planet's land, waters, plant life, and trees.
    The Land Stewardship Ceremony establishes an energetic connection between property owners and the Spirits of Place, on a specific piece of land. This energetic connection is an invitation to a co-creative partnership. It promotes intuitive communication between humans and nature spirits.
          A Land Stewardship Ceremony provides a unique opportunity for property owners to live in conscious balance and harmony with the Spirits of Place.

              The Land Stewardship Ceremony is done outdoors. Property owners, and their family and friends, are all welcome to participate. Property owners need to  provide water, silver coins, and a small digging tool. Property owners will be asked to state their basic thoughts and intentions for the land.

Spirit of Place -  Intuitive Services


Intuitive Services
Land - Home - Property

Land, buildings, and homes have a distinct essence and history. Knowing this information supports productive decisions for the right use of our home and property.

House Clearing/House Blessing

         This service is very important if you have moved into a new residence or if your current home needs to be revitalized. 

          Old energies are removed from every part of  the home.  Each room is  then ceremonially blessed  with a new , resonant intention.

Property Profile
            A physical and psychic “walk through” to determine the specific qualities, essence , and history of a home or property.

Services: $75.00 per Hour

Marie Elena Gaspari - (231) 432-0722
P.O. Box 463, Northport, MI 49670

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