Changing Woman

Changing Woman came to me last night
Shed of her night-dark clothing,
she appeared in a cloud of vibrant moss green.
Green that pushes through black soil,

persistent, in its emergence.
Green, newly released,
still trailing shadow.

She spoke
You are a writer, whether a word is written, or not.
You are a sacred dancer, in movement, or in stillness.
You are a wisdom teacher, even if for the rest of your life,
You remain in silence.
To be
Is enough

Marie Elena 2012​​​​


Blue Whale Song

Star mind
Desire sounding

Vast blue keening
Slicing through mother waters

Circumnavigation of amniotic tides
The end birthing the beginning

Blue whale song
a rhythm unceasing

Marie Elena 1998

Dreaming Back My Sisters

I am dreaming back my sisters
Whisper-worn footfalls

on the Temple steps

Storm dwellers
Heavy-breasted cauldron keepers

Snake sisters
             Darkmoon dancers                                                      
Labyrinth builders
Star bridgers
Fiery-eyed dragon-ryders

Wind seekers
Shape shifters
Corn daughters

Wolf women
Earth stewards
Gentle-handed womb sounders

Dream spinners
Flame leapers
Crone mothers

Come home sisters, come home

Marie Elena 1998


I miss my sisters
Hips heavy in silken skirts
Eyes drawn dark with kohl
Veils slipping from velvet skin

In dance we dreamed as one

Marie Elena

Doorways Of Light

We are singing open doorways of light
Inner dimensions of crystalline harmonics
The echoes of celestial songs
to come

Marie Elena 1994

Circle of the Rose