Circle of the Rose

Children of the Next World

“We are singing open doorways of light
Inner dimensions of crystalline harmonics
The echoes of celestial songs
to come”
Marie Elena 1994

The following information is an excerpt from a family

workshop for Indigo/Crystal children that I presented

in Lafayette, California in 2013. 

                                                           Marie Elena Gaspari

             The Indigo/Crystal Children are among those born from about 1978 
and onward. Though many of them are still young, they are future intuitives, light workers, artists, energy practitioners, leaders, and healers.
             They are here for the “New Earth”.  Our planet, after thousands of years in third-dimensional consciousness, is shifting through fourth-dimensional consciousness into fifth-dimensional consciousness. The fifth dimension is Christ Consciousness, unconditional love.  The New Earth is an emerging, high vibrational, heart-centered civilization. Indigo/Crystals are a reflection of this evolved expression of humanity.

                             “The Indigos are mainly either still children or young adults at this time, they can be very outspoken and tend to go against the grain of main society and have always felt like outcasts. They are unwilling to conform to society’s standards if they aren't congruent with the way they believe things should be done. While they may attempt to go with the flow, they cannot suppress how against the "system" they really are, and simply cannot and will not accept things that do not make sense to them. Indigo's are very perceptive, intuitive, and outspoken. They have a keen awareness and don't understand why others don't see what is so obvious to them. It's actually insulting and beyond frustrating to the Indigo's to have those in a position of authority try to manipulate or control them!”
                                                                          Stefani Miller, A Magical World

​         The Indigo/Crystals chose parents who, whether they are aware of it or not, also come from strong intuitive and sacred lineages. These parents are special individuals. They are nurturing and guiding these children who have special, and often times challenging, needs. Many parents of Indigo/Crystals are “Blue Rays.”

                                      “The Blue Rays … are older than the Indigo's. They too have felt like outcasts all of their lives. They grew up in a world that was not highly evolved spiritually. They had to conform to society’s standards and suppress their true nature. They grew up experiencing a sense of isolation and feeling different than others while those of like mind were few and far between to relate to.  Blue Rays have felt powerless, timid, and vulnerable most of their lives. Only in recent years have they begun to own their power and realize their self worth. They have a tendency to suffer from low self-esteem and lack self-confidence.  






  Blue Rays  Cont'd 
                                    "The first wave of Blue Rays are now around middle age, they have

embraced their divinity and have reclaimed their true spirit. The past few years have

been a struggle to truly release themselves from old patterns and belief systems that

have been limiting and harmful. The awakening has promoted Blue Rays to sever the

cords with co-dependent behaviors and truly stand up for them selves once and for

all, which has been both liberating and scary all at the same time.  In fact, many

Blue Rays have Indigo or Crystal children or grandchildren who are teaching them how

to have confidence and be more assertive!
                                  Many of the Blue Rays and Indigos are feeling misplaced and lonely.

Regardless of the fact that there are so many more of like mind and heart for them to

relate to, they are still experiencing a feeling that something is missing. Planet Earth is

not their original home. They came here to participate in the grand awakening, either

as an energy holder, to make a difference, or take a stand. There is still a feeling of

discontent and discomfort that this planet is way too harsh for them by the cruel

realities of the way we treat each other, animals, and the earth, and the corruption in

our political, religious, and economic systems. They desperately want to connect with

others and be settled in a place that feels peaceful, loving and kind.
                             The Blue Rays and Indigos are so deeply sensitive and empathic that they

become overwhelmed, frustrated, and fatigued very easily. It is a constant balancing

act to maintain their equilibrium and not take on the energies around them. Indigos are

a hardier breed, a tough nut on the outside and deeply sensitive on the inside. The Blue

Rays on the other hand are the opposite, having had to endure so many challenges in

their lives which strengthened their outer resolve, they are stronger than they give

themselves credit for, however, their ultra sensitivity makes them appear weak to

those who misjudge or underestimate who they are.”
                                                                          Stefani Miller,  A Magical World     


​​         I am a Blue Ray and relate very strongly to what Stefani Miller has written.

Over the years, in meditation and otherwise, I received communications from

my Spirit Guides. The one below was in reference to the Indigo/Crystals. In

1994, I mentored my first group of Rite-of-Passage girls.  I had led a monthly Women’s Moon Circle since 1990.  I would continue with both, along with Ritual Ceremony and Sacred Dance, for the next twenty-two years.

California 1994 -     

A communication from my Spirit Guides during meditation:

                  “You are a Wisdom Teacher. You will be a mentor to the

                     new wave of children. They are now coming of age."

I have listed some quotes here that I have heard from Indigo/Crystal children.

In the workshop I taught I introduced tools and techniques that deal with the

specific needs and challenges of Indigo/Crystals and their families.

“Where is heaven?”
“My Auntie is talking to me in the sky.”
“A blue man sits on my bed at night. He is nice.”
“Sometimes the tree talks to me.”
“Mommy, your heart feels sad.”
“Daddy, I’m scared! There’s a Fee Fie Fo Fum in my room!"

 Excerpt from:

 "Indigo/Crystals - Children of the Next World"    

A Workshop by Marie Elena Gaspari